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Congratulations! BME�Mustang Minions have read, listened to and tested on 5,844,509 words. �That is 5,471 books.� Way to READ!!!
Kindergarten Ruby 12,851 words 20 books
First Grade Anthony 59,740 words 79 books
Second Grade Angel 127,928 words 69 books
Third Grade Alessandra 99,483 words 18 books
Fourth Grade Joanna 123,774 words 24 books
Fifth Grade Briseida 697,370 words 58 books
Readers of the Week
Students who have read the most words for their grade level.
1/16/15 1/23/15 1/30/15
K:Ruby L.
1st: Alejandro R.
2nd: Juan M.
3rd: Robert M.
4th:Joanna A.
5th: Orlando P.
1st:Anthony R.
2nd: Angel S.
3rd: Alessandra J.
4th: Anthony L.
5th: Briseida S.
K: Elijah A.
1st: Manuel J.
2nd: Angel S.
3rd: Alessandra J.
4th: Adrian B.
5th: Orlando P.
2/6/15 2/13/15
K: Damian M.
1st: Anthony R.
2nd: Orlando Z.
3rd: Ashley M.
4th: Adriana O.
5th: Valerie C.
�Contest Update:
Each six weeks we have �contests between K-2 and 3-5 to see which team can reach their goal.
So far in
K-2: Mrs. Cardenas' 2nd grade girls on the White Team are in the lead with 98% of their goal met. �Mr. Luevano's 1st grade Orange Team is a close second at 94% of their class goal met.
3-5: Ms. Diaz's Maroon 5th graders are in the lead with 98% of their goal met with the 4th grade Purple Minions rushing forward with 66%.

GOAL SETTERS for 4th�Six Weeks are: � � � � � � � � � � � �
Kinder 1st 2nd 3rd 4th 5th
Cruz D.
Jonathan F.
Patrick H.
Jocelyn L. �x 2
Alejandro R.
Anthony R. x2
Ethan A
Jesus F.
Marely F
Dylan G
Ulises G
Manuel J. �x2
Orlando M.
Alexa S.
Melany T x5
Juan M �x4
Jasmine B �x 3
Jackeline E x2
Arlene C �x2
Eddie M x2
JennaLee�P x3
Graciela S x3
Orlando Z x3
Esteban C.
Natalie F. x2
Abril F. �x3
Julian F.
Zaid H. x 2
Jesus H.
Melanie H.
Isaiah Lop. x2
​Ailyn M.
Dayanara O. x2
Pablo F.
Nadia R
Sofia R.
Edgar S. x2
Angel S. x3
​Jorge S�
Alan V.�

Randy S.
Paola G.
Delilah E.
Alessandra J
Robert M
Ashley M
Jazmine V x2
Joanna A. x2
​Vanessa D.
Benito H.�
Adriana O.
Adrian B. x2
​Andres C
Anthony L.
Monserrath M.
Amairani S.

Luis V. �x2
Sasha E.
Angelica G.
Janelle S.
David C.
Jorge F.
Bryan F.
Azeneth H.
Lupita L.
Orlando P.
Valeria R.
Neida Q.
Jorge S. x2
Arely S.
Lesley Z.
Abigail C.
Erynn G.
Johnny H.
Briseida S.
Lucy Z. x2

Big Mustang Cheer!!!
Ready Reader:�
Reach 5 points on books Read To,
Read With,�or Read Alone
1st grade:
Patrick H.
Ethan A
Jesus F
Marely F
Dylan G
Ulises G
Manuel J
Alexa S
Naylea S
Independent Reader:
Reach 10 points including 3 books
�read independently.
�Books read at 1.2 level or higher
1st grade:
Jocelyn L.
Alejandro R
2nd grade:
Jasmin B
Arlene C
Rising Reader:
Reach 10 points including 3 books
read independently.
Books read at 1.6 or higher.
1st grade:
Anthony R.
2nd grade:
Isaiah Lop.
Juan M.
Angel S
Orlando Z
3rd grade:

Super Reader:
Independently read 3 books at 2.0 level
�or higher that are worth one point or more.
4th grade:
Joanna A
Briseida S
Orlando P.
Valerie C
Advanced Reader:�
Independentlyread 3 books at 3.0 level
�or higher that are worth 2 or more points.
Briseida S
Orlando P.
Star Reader:
Independently read 3 books at 4.0 level
or higher that are worth 4 or more points
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